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What is BRITE?

Behavioral Research & Interactive Training Experience (BRITE) was started in 2012,  is an exciting branch of Positive ABA.  Our clients are experiencing such success and gaining so many valuable skills, and we would like to showcase this in order to model strategies for other professionals.  Our professionals are talented and are providing an amazing range of services for clients nationwide.  Another important function of the BRITE program is to focus on needs within current research.  There are many areas that are in need of valid research, and our goal is to target those areas and contribute to the field of ABA.  There are rare diagnoses, new strategies, and theories that require further research so that they can be used with evidence to validate their implementation.

Purpose and Objective of the BRITE Program

The purpose of the program is to allow for the advancement of topics in Behavior Analysis through conducting applied research applicable to problems of social significance.  This program has been developed to give professional BCBA’s, Prospective BCBA’s, and others involved with or interested in topics in Applied Behavior Analysis an opportunity to develop and conduct behavioral research projects of interest, with an ability to publish and present the research and its findings.

For more information or to participate in the BRITE program,
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