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Would you like to join the Positive ABA team of professionals?
We are currently hiring for the following positions.


* Board Certified Behavior Analysts.   Job Duties include various consultant positions including one (or all) of the duties listed: Supervising tutors; Creating behavior plans and conducting assessments;  Training support staff;  Participate in the development of social groups; School advocacy and IEP consulting.

* Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts.  Job duties: Supporting in all duties as needed,  providing both indirect and direct service to clients, under supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

* ABA clinicians / Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT).  Job Duties include 1:1 in-home ABA services with direct oversight by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst ; teaching self-help, academic, motor, play, social skills, changing behavior, applied verbal behavior, etc.

* Various administrative office positions in our Arizona HQ

For updated job listings, and/or to inquire about a particular position, submit resume and cover letter to HR@positiveaba.org.

Positive ABA is a company that prides itself in being a wonderful place to work, with supportive and caring co-workers and supervisors.  This high quality environment and work ethic translates to excellent care, high quality service, and the best value available to meet the needs of PABA clients, and impact families, organizations, and schools in a positive way.  We seek out the best in order to provide the best service possible.

Contact us for more information about specific positions.

Employee TestimonialsRead about what some of our current employees reported in an anonymous feedback survey:

“Positive ABA is a wonderful company. For years I have been interested in what makes a business have great employees who serve their clients well, as well as the reverse. I have always heard, and have observed that it is the leadership. If the leaders of a company have strong ethics and treat their employees well, that will be reflected in how the employees treat their clients. Positive ABA has the most supportive, ethical, and just plain kind leaders I have come across.”

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to a 3rd party accreditation board!  – Positive ABA has been awarded the distinction of being called a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. We have been awarded a 3-year accreditation (the highest possible) from the BHCOE.  This means our staff have extraordinary job satisfaction!

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