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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science used for changing and improving behaviors.
ABA principles are used in a variety of settings to refine skills, reinforce appropriate behavior, and eliminate target behavior.
What We Can Do For You
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Early Intervention

An intensive program developed for ages birth to five emphasizing intensive language and play skill development.  Discovery skills are incorporated to assist with environmental awareness, interactive play, and expressive and receptive language development.

Skills Assessment

Standardized and criterion-based assessments (i.e. ABLLS, VB-MAPP, Carolina, etc.)  in multiple areas to accurately pinpoint the needs of an individual.

Development of Home Program

A comprehensive wrap-around program that includes skills assessment, prioritized goals, organized materials, and implementation training.  The program may include caregiver training in specific areas of need and ongoing support given to support home programming.  Families can request specific support in working with school personnel to organize and modify homework assignments, develop communication routines between home and school, or assist with other areas of need.

Data Analysis System

A personalized data analysis system to be used in the home to monitor your child’s progress.

Language Development

A home program specifically targeting the acquisition of beginning and advanced language in the home, school, and community settings.

Organizational Management

A specialized service that targets the development of organizational skills, both physically and cognitively, with skills that carry over into the school setting as well.  This service is popular for families with children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Emotional/Behavioral Disability (EBD), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Therapists can assist with tasks such as organizing homework, setting up work areas/homework stations, developing study skills, creating study schedules, organizing backpacks/folders/school materials, creating visual reminders for organizational tasks, for example.  This service is typically a short-term plan with a maintenance plan in place for longevity.

RBT/Habilitator Evaluation & Training

A service for families who currently have a habilitator and/or RBT(s) in place working with a family member. Positive ABA clinical staff will observe a habilitation/RBT session(s) and provide a comprehensive evaluation(s) of RBT performance followed by training support based on the evaluation in order to maximize success.

BCBA Direct Intervention

Direct 1:1 intervention provided in-home by a Positive ABA Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  With this service, specific skills can be targeted in the home setting, such as organizational skills, homework skills, self-management skills, designing and implementing programming for skill development, crisis management, and other areas of need.  This type of intervention is often requested for families of children with ASD, ADHD, and EBD, and can be tailored to fit a variety of needs.

Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness

An intensive program aimed at targeting the specific skills needed for success in preschool or kindergarten.  This program is typically short-term, with maintenance provided as an option to ensure ongoing success.  A therapist is available to administer specific readiness assessments to determine an inventory of skill levels and to identify skill deficits.  An intensive treatment plan may be developed to focus on skill deficits to ready the child for school programs.  The Readiness Program is customized to include components that support a smooth transition into preschool or kindergarten classes.  Some of the skills that may be included are: functional language and communication skills; social awareness; basic academics; sensory regulation; toileting and hygiene skills; and fine and gross motor skill refinement.

Parent Education

Personalized skills development seminars held in your home on topics applicable to your child or of interest to your family.  Topics may include social skill development; sibling support; behavioral shaping strategies; homework help; reinforcing therapy goals within daily activities; expanding your child’s world of communication; or other topics upon request.

Sibling & Peer training

Training sessions provided in your home by a Positive ABA clinician to foster positive interactions and relationships between siblings and peers.  These training sessions can offer siblings suggestions and plans to provide support, ways to get involved in the therapeutic process, and reducing stress levels at home, for example.  Share your ideas with the therapist to develop specific programs for your family.

Social Groups

Click this link to discover what Positive ABA can provide in the area of social skills groups designed to foster the development of essential social and communication skills.

Wondering which service or cluster of services will meet your child’s specific needs?

Schedule a one-hour intake assessment to have a Positive ABA clinician visit with you in your home to help you determine which services will best support your child and family needs.

Contact us to make an appointment and obtain more information about what we offer.

Positive ABA offers multiple funding options, including TriCare coverage, private insurance, state insurance (in some locations), and self-pay.

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