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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science used for changing and improving behaviors.
ABA principles are used in a variety of settings to refine skills, reinforce appropriate behavior, and eliminate target behavior.
What We Can Do For You
What You Can Do For You
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School Sensitivity Training

Classroom or school-wide training provided to promote friendships, acceptance, tolerance, and support among various groups and diverse groups embedded within the school culture.

 Individual Student Consultation

Support provided for teachers regarding specific student needs, which may include the development of specific goals, data collection systems, behavior plans, and specific accommodations or modifications as needed to promote student success.

Classroom Management

Support provided to classroom teachers with development of data systems, progress monitoring, positive behavior support systems, and curriculum modification to target student and teacher needs in the classroom.  Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a classroom management strategy that includes use of explicit teaching about acceptable behaviors, proactive strategies, and implementing incentives, positive praise, rewards, and reinforcers to increase desired behaviors among students.

School and Classroom Environmental Engineering

Assistance provided with developing an environment that is conducive to learning and success for all students in the classroom and other school areas which may include organization, environmental supports, floor plan design, and specific student needs.

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

Support provided with developing plans to incorporate Positive Behavior Support principles to entire school settings, which may include initial consultation and plan design, ongoing support, and periodic supervision to monitor and strengthen programs.  For the school setting, Positive ABA can develop a PBS plan designed for a school-wide approach, which may include include: proactive supervision; building unity across all staff members to support PBS; broad incentives programs (token economy systems); tangible earned rewards for positive behaviors; ecological layout of campus areas; developing common verbiage to be used with faculty for pre-correction, redirection, and praise; and creating programs that provide explicit instruction for acceptable and expected behaviors at school.

Social Groups   (Click on the link to learn more about Social Groups)

Specially designed Social Groups provided on request, with research-based principles to target specific topics as desired by school personnel.

IEP Development

Assistance provided with the development  of Individualized Education Plan and/or Transition Plan, designed to support students with specific areas of need who qualify for special education services.

 IEP Support

Assistance with implementation and monitoring of IEP, as well as support to school staff in regards to legal rights and responsibilities.  Support is provided to foster mutually beneficial communication and collaboration between families and school staff.  Guidance may also be provided with synchronizing school and home roles, priorities, and plans for student success.

Workshops and Seminars for School Professionals

Presentation of specific topics, customized by school need, to improve services and address needs related to special learning populations.  Popular topics include: parent universities (after-school seminars focused on helping parents to support their students in the home setting); workshops focused on elective teachers and other support staff; classroom behavior plans; education and specialized training on specific disabilities.

Wondering which services will be best for your school?

Schedule a one-hour assessment to have a Positive ABA Board Certified Behavior Analyst visit with your school to help you determine which services will best support your needs.

Contact us to set up a meeting with a specialist to explore your options.



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