What You Can Do For You
At Positive ABA, we believe that everyone can make a difference. We offer the tools, materials, and support
to empower you to improve the outcomes for your loved one, and become more educated and prepared.
What We Can Do For You
What You Can Do For You
What We Can Do Together

Lending Library

Positive ABA has an extensive Lending Library available for employees and families. We have books, manuals, DVDS, CDs, videos, games, training materials, and many more items available for rent. The majority of our materials are hands-on therapy tools.

Our expansive collection covers a variety of topics, such as:

* Autism spectrum disorders
* Behavior shaping
* Treatment options
* Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
* Assessments
* Co-morbiting disorders/mutiple diagnosis
* Fine and gross motor skills
* Use of reinforcers/ reinforcer effectiveness
* Social skills
* Communication training
* Augmentative communication devices and programs
* Assisitive technology
* Receptive ad expressive language skills
* Syntax and grammar
* Responding
* Intraverbals and manding
* Visual performance
* Classroom training and routines
* Group instruction
* Academic support
* IEP support
* Leisure and play skills
* Special diets/food sensitivities
* Transitions and employment options
* Areas of daily living/life skills (dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, etc.)
* Inclusion
* Sensory regulation and activities
* Sibling and family support
* Books for adults and professionals
* And many more!

Our Lending Library is comprised mostly of donations from families, professionals, employees, and community members who want to make a difference.  Donations are always welcome and assist us with expanding the quantity of resources that we have on hand.

For more information, to make a suggestion, contribute a donation, or to check out items for home use, please contact us.

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