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Article Snapshots

Positive ABA is dedicated to educating the public about the valid and scientifically-backed ABA methods for understanding the behaviors of human beings.

In the book, Ethics for Behavior Analysts  (2nd ed.) by Jon Bailey and Mary Burch, Scientific Inquiry (9.02) states, “The behavior analyst should promote the analysis of behavior per se as a legitimate field of scientific inquiry” (pg. 176).  We will provide information in the form of “Article Snapshots.”

In these article snapshots, our team of professionals summarizes peer-reviewed articles that discuss topics that may be useful for families and other professionals in the field.  This is a way for us to share information in a timely manner and allow our readers to quickly peruse the article summaries to gather the information that can be helpful. We provide these snapshots at our various events and seminars. Below is an example:


 “Video Modeling for Play Skills”

MacDonald, R., & Sacramone, S. (2009) “Using video modeling to teach reciprocal pretend play to children with autism.” Journal  of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1 (42), 43-55.

This article discusses a study in which researchers videotaped themselves and then used the video to teach reciprocal play skills to young children with autism.  Summary of article: summary video modeling.

Summary submitted by Liz Wielebinski,  M.Ed., LBA,  Positive ABA


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