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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science used for changing and improving behaviors.
ABA principles are used in a variety of settings to refine skills, reinforce appropriate behavior, and eliminate target behavior.
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Social Groups

Positive ABA is proud to offer Social Skills Groups to clients across a wide range of ages, ability levels, and areas of need.  Groups offered by Positive ABA feature customized curriculum, limited group size, and specialized topics.  Groups are formed on an as-needed basis, and are conducted at a variety of venues.

Our therapists pull from a variety of social skills programs, including Social Thinking materials, developed by Michelle Garcia Winner, and systems offered by such professionals as Jed Baker, Carol Gray, and Simon Baron-Cohen.  We tailor specific programs to meet the needs of each group, pulling from researched-based curriculum options and principles of ABA.

We are excited to offer high quality instruction in the Social Group setting, and welcome the inclusion of neuro-typically developed siblings to groups to serve as additional models and support with the acquisition and practical application of social skills concepts.  We take pride in our commitment to provide social skills training sessions for elementary-grade students, pre-teenagers, teenagers, and young adults with needs in the social realm.

We are also available to provide Social Groups within school settings, and have been pleased to offer groups at some schools as extra-curricular options for students.  Schools are encouraged to inquire about possibilities that exist in your area for Social Groups, which offer support and instruction that provides positive outcomes for students with specific disabilities and students who are typically-developed.  Social groups can be a positive vehicle for fostering positive inclusion, friendships, peer mentoring within the school climate.


To inquire about Social Groups available in your area, and to inquire about various funding avenues for this service, please contact us right away!  Classes fill up quickly!

Contact us for information on regarding Social Groups.

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