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Client Testimonials

What are satisfied parents saying about their experiences with Positive ABA?

“We had read about “the window” and were hoping that we might be able to see it.  As we were blessed enough to have our BCBA come to our home and do ABA therapy for my son we began to see huge improvements even in areas that were not set as goals.  I can remember we were just working on instructional control and it would work in so many areas of his life.  He began to be able to wait.  I can also remember the day he looked at me and I could see him again. His sweet spirit would poke out of “the window” for longer and longer periods of time.  This therapy is nothing short of a miracle.  I know my family prays for our ABA therapist and this great company because the work they do is a God send to us.  They have shown us how to bring our son back.  I believe through time and therapy he will step through “the window” and close it.”

“Positive ABA has been a source of information, support, and encouragement throughout this whole process.”

“Our BCBA wrote an extraordinary program tailored just for my son.”

 “We love our consultant and she is wonderful with our son. He asks for her even on the weekends.”

“About our BCBA…she knows her stuff and gets results, plain and simple.  She is very helpful in showing me how to use the same tactics with my child!”

“We love our BCBA!  She is a professional and a master at her craft, and is compassionate about her kids and their families.”

“We have had an excellent experience with Positive ABA and our BCBA. The communication, consistent goal modification and progression, and family inclusion is amazing.  There are not enough positive things that I could say to express how happy we are with our services!”

“My son is now attending high school and is fully integrated in General Ed.”

“Positive ABA is awesome!  My child has gone from non-verbal to verbal in a matter of five months including verbs, sentences, everything…..I see a bright future for my kid and I see that recovery is REALLY possible!”

Of all services I have received for my daughter, this one by far surpasses all of them! I love that our BCBA takes the time to get to know her and really seems to love what she does. I can’t tell you how many people have come to evaluate or service my daughter and they have no connection what so ever. Early Intervention seems to have “textbook” employees and from day one our BCBA has built my daughter’s therapy based on her personal needs. I am in love with this therapy, and I just love Positive ABA!”                                  

“Our BCBA has been very proactive with getting in touch with my son’s school, getting into the school setting to assist with using common strategies & ensure that we are all using common verbiage, consequences, and reinforcement.”

“Our BCBA responds to us within a matter of minutes…she is always there for my child.”

 “It is without hesitation that I recommend Positive ABA for your son or daughter.”

Note: Keep in mind that each case and client is unique, and individual results will vary.   Information obtained for Client Testimonials is volunteered by previous clients and permission granted for use on this website for Positive ABA’s purposes.